A Day at the Office  

Sunday 3rd April from 10:00


SOLD OUT in 48 minutes!
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A Day at the Office - Tournament


Sunday 3rd April from 10:00


Save the date for our first competition at The Pinball Office on Sunday 3rd April!

This event is an official International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA) event and is open to all - whether it's your first competition or a you're seasoned veteran, join us for a fun day of pinball!


Registration will be £15 per person, which includes free parking on site. Registration opens at midday on Saturday 5th March (first come first served, so be quick if you want to secure your place!). If you are a subscriber of our website you will be notified before the registration opens.


We will have prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.


Food & Drink

Soft / Hot drinks can be purchased at the Office, and light snacks will be provided. 

There is a cafe on site which is open until 15:00, the The Shed Coffee House - details here:


Competition Details

Doors open at 10:00, with the competition starting at 10:30. The format for qualifying will be 4 player matches (or 3 player, if we have an uneven number of players!),  with rounds lasting until 16:30. Minimum of 8 rounds in total. Qualifying matches will be scored as: 1st place: 4 points; 2nd place: 2 points; 3rd place: 1 point, 4th place: 0


The top 2 players in qualifying will have a bye to the final.

Players 3-6 will then play in a single match semi final, with the winning 2 players going into the final.

The final will be 4 players playing 3 games, scored in a 4-2-1-0 format (with a tie breaker game if there's a draw). 


If positions 3-6 include more than four players, a tie break game will be played on a randomly allocated machine. Players will be eliminated until only the required amount qualify for the semi finals. 

Click the IFPA logo to check the UK player rankings.







If you participate in this competition, your name will be added on the official IFPA ranking list.